Application Process

If you want to apply for the MSc Economics program at the University of Regensburg, you have to use our online application tool. On this page, we however provide a step-by-step guide of the tool, which should allow you to easily follow the application process. In case any questions or problems arise during your application, please contact our study coordination team at .

Step-By-Step Application Guide

Step 1: Start a new Application

Go to our Master Application Portal and click on “Start Your Application”. If you have already started your application process and want to make any changes to your existing application, you can use your application code to access your existing application.

Step 2: Enter your desired program of study

On top of this page, you can find your Application Code. Please store this code for future reference to your application. With this code, you can also make changes to your application later on.

On addition, this page allows you to define the semester at which you want to enter your study program as well as your desired field of study. There is no choice to make regarding the semester, as each application period only allows you to apply for the next possible semester. However, you can choose your desired area of study:

  • If you want to enter the regular “MSc Economics” program, choose “Volkswirtschaftslehre” as your desired degree program.
  • If you want to apply to our Honors program with additional entry requirements, choose “Volkswirtschaftslehre (Honors)”. Note that when you apply for the Honors program, you automatically also apply for the regular MSc Economics study program. The Honors program has additional entry requirements. Please refer to the MSc Economics Study Guide for further details. IN case of any additional questions, please contact the program coordinator (Prof. Dr. Lutz Arnold).

One you chose the relevant program, press Continue. Note that at this stage, you don’t have to upload a grade and course summary. This is only relevant for students who obtained their Bachelor’s degree at the University of Regensburg.

Step 3: Enter your personal data

The next page asks you for your personal data. Please fill in all fields with your current name, address, nationality, date of birth and email address. All fields on this page are mandatory.

Step 4: Information on your current study program

On this page, you provide information about your current study program and degree. Please provide the following information:

  • Your current or last university at which you obtained your degree with which you qualify for the MSc Economics program in Regensburg.
  • The type of university you attended (like a regular or technical university).
  • Your area of study or your major.
  • The degree you obtained (typically a Bachelor’s degree)
  • Your final grade point average. If you university uses a different grading scheme than the german scheme (1 = best grade, 5 = worst grade), please provide additional information on the grading scheme of your university as well as your final grade point average in the “Comments” field. If you haven’t obtained your Bachelor’s degree yet but expect to do so soon, please provide your current grade point average and provide some information on this in the “Comments” field.
  • If you tick the box “International Student” then you will be asked to provide a German language proficiency certificate (this is however only relevant for students that apply to the German speaking Master programs in Business or Real Estate). Important: If you want to enter the MSc Economics program in Regensburg, YOU DON’T HAVE TO provide a German language certificate with your application. It is safe to just upload a blank pdf page. Alternatively, you can leave the box “International Student” unticked. In case we have any additional questions or inquiries, we would come back to you by email anyway.
  • You can use the comment field to provide additional important information related to your university career information.

Step 5: Assessment of Admission requirements

On this page, we want to assess whether you meet the admission requirements for the MSc Economics program at the University of Regensburg. We therefore inquire the following information:

  • The total number of credits points you did or expect to obtain in your qualifying degree program. We use the ECTS credit scheme for this assessment. The typical German Bachelor’s student will obtain 180 ECTS credits.
  • If you obtained your degree at a university outside of Germany, it will help with your admission process if you provide us with a detailed description of the courses in your course program in pdf formation. For example you can provide a module catalogue or detailed descriptions of the courses you took. Just choose a file from your computer and press the “Add module catalogue/course description” button.
  • Finally, if you specialized in a certain field in economics during your Bachelor’s degree, you can provide this information in the “Specialization” field. You can choose from (in the order of appearance in the list):
    • Financial Markets
    • Empirical Economics
    • Real Estate and Regional Economics
    • Markets and State
    • International Trade
  • If none of the above fields describe your field of study, just leave the field as is and continue.

Step 6: Professional Experience

You can provide information about any professional experience you gained so far, like internships and work experience. Please only provide information on such experience that is relevant to your degree in economics.

Step 7: Attachments

Finally you can provide us with a set of attachments that support your application. In particular, you can provide (in the order of appearance in the “Category” list):

  • Voluntary: A curriculum vitae
  • Mandatory: an official list of your courses including your grades and the ECTS credits for each course
  • If available: your Bachelor’s certificate
  • Voluntary: other certificates that support your application
  • Mandatory: a language proficiency certificate of the English language (at least B2 level of the CEFR standard)
  • Voluntary: other documents that support your application

Just choose the respective file from your computer, choose a file category and ideally provide a short description. Then press the button add/upload attachment. The file will be uploaded and will appear on this page. To verify that the file was uploaded correctly, you can download it again to inspect it.

One you uploaded all files, you can press the “Save data” button. If you do so, your application will be stored on our servers. Note that you have to complete all the above steps for your application to be stored on our servers.

Step 8: Check your information is correct

When you saved your application, you will be redirected to the “Review and Upload” page. On this page, you can view your entire application information again and verify it is correct. Note that you still have to submit your application. If your information is correct and you want to submit your information, check the data privacy declaration and press the “Submit your application” button. Once you submitted your information, you will not be able to make any changes to your application anymore.

Step 9: Download, sign and send your application summary

When your application is submitted, you will be redirected to the final information page. On this page, you can again see your submitted data. In addition, you will find information about the current status of your application. You can always reenter this page with your personal application code.

IMPORTANT: On this page you have to download your application summary as pdf file. Please print this application summary, sign it and send it to us by mail (the address is shown on the website).

Step 10: Wait for our response

We are committed to providing a timely response (usually within two weeks) once the application period is over. In the meantime, please refrain from inquiries about the status of your application. We will get back to you by email if there is some information missing that we need to assess your eligibility to participate in our MSc Economics program.

If you experience any problems or difficulties during the application process, please contact our study coordination team at .

We would be thrilled to welcome you as a student in the MSc Economics program in Regensburg.